For Your Birds

Hawk Travel Boxes

All our Hawk travel boxes are made from 3mm Aluminium Composite which makes them strong, lightweight and really easy to clean. All boxes are supplied with removable perches

Portable Weatherings

Easy-assemble portable weatherings. Can be supplied with or without doors. Shown here with a loop perch system but can be fitted with shelf perches or blocks. Made to your specifications – this example is 4ft x 4ft x 4ft and is priced at £550


Complete aviaries – features include:

  • safety porch
  • food ledge
  • chamber perches
  • chamber blocks
  • perch holders for natural perches
  • sliding bars (food hatch)
  • netting for the roof
  • self fabricated locks on inner and outer doors
  • Aluminium and stainless steel construction
  • maintenance free.

Example shown is 10ft x 8ft x 7ft high.

Food shelves, chamber perches, chamber blocks and natural perch holders can be supplied separately.

Orders taken for complete aviaries or sectional panels. We can also supply window bars separately.

Prices for complete aviaries start from £1200.00

Falcon Cadges

Falcon cadges available as single, double and triple

All sizes available in all colours  (more images to follow)

Blocks & Perches

Waisted Falcon Blocks – shown here with a cork top but can be supplied with Astro-Turf top

Tall Blocks – can be supplied at any height required from 6 inches to 4 feet. Shown here with a cork top but can be supplied with Astro-Turf top.

Fitted with nylon rings – super strong and much lighter than traditional steel rings

Traditional bow perches with rubber grips and stainless steel rings.

Various sizes available to suit small falcons to large eagles.

Field Spikes

10 inch Stainless Steel Field Spikes – with fully rotating tethering ring for securing your bird on quarry

PLEASE NOTE – these are not to be used to tether birds unsupervised

Game of Thrones Car Stickers